Mojec and the Nigerian Power Sector


MOJEC is a specialist metering company and with over 20 years' experience in the business. We offer a comprehensive range of products and expert services in metering. Whether you run a small business, a large factory or manage multiple sites we offer "off the shelf" web based solutions or customized smart aM&T solutions to meet your requirements.

Established in 1985, Its Subsidiary MOJEC Power is ranked in the top 3 Nigerian Companies operating in the power sector. Mojec Power is the leading electricity contractor to African Governments on Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Projects.

MOJEC is chiefly known on the continent as a market leader and innovator in metering. Always on the forefront of the latest metering technology, MOJEC manufactures and supplies alongside its international partners a variety of meters ranging from: Maximum Demand, Whole Current, Prepaid meters automatic meter reading system (AMR), as well as the latest in metering technology Automatic Meter Infrastructure. (AMI)

Our Aim

At Mojec, we aim to be defined as "Best of Class" in all of our endeavors.

Our Mission

To deliver, quality products and extraordinary services for our clients that reflect our high standards and uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Subsidiary Companies

Mojec Power: Electricity Transmission & Distribution Contractor
Mojec Oil & Gas: Upstream & Downstream Activities
Mojec Real Estate: Residential, Commercial & Hotels
Mojec Retail – Malls, fast food Chains

Additionally, Mojec is also a leading manufacturer and contractor on power transmission and distribution equipments/ products, including, cables, transformers, circuit breakers, metering panels & the rehabilitation of 11KV and 33KV Sub-Stations. The firm has embarked on an aggressive expansion strategy across Africa. MOJEC is poised to be a market leader in metering solutions and other electricity products. In 2011, it supplied over 200,000 meters into the Nigeria market and another 200,000 into the African market.

Based on these large demands, MOJEC is further positioning itself as a market leader and to rapidly meet market demands by setting up the first ever CKD Meter Assembly Plant in Nigeria to better serve the local African markets, the EMEA and neighboring markets.

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Mojec and the Nigerian Power Sector

MOJEC is a specialist metering company and with over 20 years' experience in the ...

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