Research and Development

Being in an industry that is constantly changing, Mojec international has a team of Engineers that continually revise and improve the different range of products and services that we offer.

Over the period of 15 years we have evolved from ordinary meters to smart metering. Our Previous products (Maximum Demand Meters) without GPRS functions have been incorporated into Automatic meter reading system by simply retrofitting with a GPRS modem (Energy Data Acquisition terminal).

The new products are designed with in-built GPRS modem and are AMR ready. All products are with required standards and protocols specified by IEC, NERC and Utilities.

Our prepayment meters have evolved from Smart card type to STS prepayment type. The meters are design to reduce tampering activities by the customers; the meter is disconnected when the meter cover terminal is opened. Power Line Carrier communication between CIU and Meter is another innovation first designed by Mojec.

Mojec R&D team also developed the Advanced Metering infrastructure system that enables the remote monitoring of Prepayment meters through the PLC communication technology, it is achieved by attaching a Concentrator to a Transformer which communicates with all meters on same transformer using PLC and sends information to the Server at the host station using GPRS network.

Mojec Automatic meter reading system for Maximum Demand, Whole Current and High Tension Meters is one of the best AMR system in the country, we have successfully deployed the AMR system in Port Harcourt and Ikeja and 95% of retrofitted meters can be read remotely.

We have develop and deployed a robust STS Vending software that enable utilities acquire their revenues by sales of energy tokens at different vending stations. Mojec currently manage IBEDC STS Vending and maintenance.

The team is poised and committed to improving and creating new products that will remain relevant in coming years.

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